OD Online Patient Engagement Tool – Included at NO EXTRA COST

Cultivate client loyalty, increase office productivity, and reduce new-patient acquisition costs with OD Online’s Patient Engagement Tool – an automated email and SMS system that is included at no extra cost for any OD Online Practice Management (PM) or Electronic Health Records (EHR) system.  Messages can be delivered in any length or language and can be scheduled in advance or automated. All messages can be tracked for status. 

Customizable to fit your practice’s needs, it has been used by practices to send yearly exam reminders, birthday wishes, glasses and contact lens pickup, and appointment reminders; reducing the number of no-shows and streamlining communication with a simple click of a button. 
OD Online’s Patient Engagement Tool is a two-way communication platform where patients can respond via e-mail or SMS. This response is then inserted directly into the “Notes” section of their appointment, letting the office staff know whether the appointment has been confirmed, rescheduled, or if the patient will not make it on time. 

While other PM and EHR systems have the option for similar patient engagement tools, it is often offered at an extra monthly fee. OD Online believes that simple, transparent, and quality communication between the office and the patient is integral to any practice’s bottom line, so we are offering our clients this tool at no extra cost. 

In addition to enjoying outbound and inbound SMS at no cost, OD Online’s Patient Engagement Tool integrates with meshed carrier network and Adaptive Routing™ technology that goes beyond what other carriers can offer, delivering the best path for traffic distribution in real time to reduce both latency and performance volatility. Your outbound and inbound SMS messages build rich interactions with two-way messaging for everything from appointment reminders to order statuses, anywhere in the world. 

Measure the effectiveness of your office’s communication with real-time reports that give you insight into the status of your office’s communication and the return on your investment with OD Online. 

Take your practice to the next level with OD Online’s Patient Engagement Tool. Find out how your practice can benefit.