Streamline and Manage Workflow with OD Online’s Calendar

If you love streamlining and scheduling appointments from anywhere there is internet connection, you will love OD Online’s calendar feature. It is the dream scheduling tool for doctor offices and allows everyone from your patient at home, to your staff in the front office, to schedule appointments that sync immediately to all connected devices. OD Online’s color coded calendar helps quickly identify status of appointments and short notes provide additional information as needed.

Once an appointment has been made, the calendar will automatically update to include the patient’s existing and/or updated information. For new patients, it will redirect to the patient information form where the patient will fill out their information, including availability of insurance coverage. If insurance coverage is inputted, the system will provide status on verification of coverage.

Automated appointment confirmation alerts can be set-up a couple of days before their scheduled office visit. The patient will receive SMS and email alerts that they can respond to and confirm their appointment, reducing the number of no-shows. Upon successful deployment of the SMS and email message, the appointment will change colors according to the color code set for your office. When the patient responds by confirming or canceling, the appointment will update to reflect the new status in the notes section.

On the day of the appointment, your staff can quickly pull the patient’s previous file through OD Online’s EHR system directly from the appointment in the calendar and prep the file for the doctor. At this point, the appointment will change colors to indicate to the doctor that they are ready for their exam. If a patient has been waiting for more than 30 minutes, the appointment block will begin blinking red, a warning sign that the patient has been waiting long.  Appointment color codes also help the office staff know if an exam is in progress or completed.

Another feature that helps provide day-to-day measurable results is the summary component of the OD Online calendar. This tool is great for helping the doctor and staff prepare for the day by aggregating the number of appointments scheduled, insurance coverage information, and when the appointment times become available. The end-of-day summary gives the doctor and staff a quick overview of the day’s results – from the number of patients seen to the number of exams still in progress.

OD Online’s calendar feature is just one of many functional tools that will help your office be more effective in managing workflow and to work smarter, not harder.

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