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Developed by optometrists, OD Online is a complete electronic health records and practice management solution empowering eye care practices to seamlessly complete documentation in real time, saving valuable work time and resources each day to increase revenue and enhance patient care.


Complete certified EHR to improve patient care by bringing essential information to your fingertips. 

Perform paperless examinations with OD Online's all inclusive Practice Management and Electronic Health Record software. Fully integrated, it helps streamline documentation, reduce errors, increase profitability, and provide better patient care. 

OD Online is ONC-ACB Certified as a 2014 Edition compliant Complete EHR system. Assisting in attesting to Meaningful Use (Stage 1 and 2) and avoiding Medicare payment adjustments, it is also ICD-10 ready, with e-prescription and PQRS capabilities. 



Developed in SOAP format that includes pre-calculations and auto data transfer for reports and referrals. 

Meaningful Use

OD Online will help you attest to both Stage 1 and Stage 2 of Meaningful Use.

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Send electronic prescriptions quickly and error free with OD Online's e-prescription capabilities. 



Straight forward SOAP format form that includes pre-calculations and auto data transfer for reports and referrals. Accessible wherever there is internet, it brings the data when you need it to help select the right diagnosis and treatment plan. Features include:

  • SOAP style exam form: Case History, Visual System Health Status Evaluation, Contact Lens Fitting, Diagnosis and Treatment Plan.

  • Calendar integration for follow-up scheduling option

  • Previous exam data available for reference

  • Current exam data collection & transfer

  • Pause exam option

  • Recall option via email or mail


Fill more orders, maintain inventory control, and track receivables with speed and ease. 


Exam form integrates with the central calendar, streamlining with the front office to provide better patient experience from start to finish. Appointments can be made online via patient portal or manually inputted.

EASE OF Billing

As the patient completes their exam with the doctor, the optometric staff can seamlessly access the doctor's superbill and review the doctor's recommendations all in one screen. 


Integrated with Gate Way EDI to reduce paperwork and data entry, OD Online reduces claim rejections by flagging common errors prior to submission. Get paid easily and quickly.


Office Management

  • Profile: Set website permissions

  • Permissions: Set permissions for profile

  • Contacts: Office contact information for website (Option for package with website available)

  • Employees: To add, edit, and set profile for employees

  • Commission: Track employee performance and commission


Patient Portal

  • Patient to interactive with the office for updating their health care and insurance information, sending message to the office, or receiving notes from the office

  • Review their exam report, exam history and purchase activities

  • Print their spectacle and/or contact lens RX copy

  • Make an appointments at the patient's convenience


Patient Relationship Management

OD Online makes managing patient relationships easy with automated email and/or text messages to patients such as annual exam reminders, birthdays, appointment confirmation, or pick-up availability. Read more about how our integration with RingCentral enables your practice to streamline processes, improve productivity, and boost patient recall. 



Streamline office activities while providing the flexibility of scheduling appointments in the office or online via the patient portal. Fully-functional, the calendar also features:

  • Patient data pulled from previous visits

  • Tracking of appointment scheduling method and confirmation

  • Color coding to identify patient insurance approval status

  • Status of in-office patient wait times with blinking signal for longer than anticipated wait periods

  • Exam progress

  • Daily summary of appointments

  • Custom configuration to your needs



Maintain complete and accurate control of inventory.

  • Frame cataloging includes up to eight (8) criteria: frame name, model, color, frame material, eye size, bridge size, and temple size

  • Contact lens cataloging includes up to four (4) criteria: contact lens type, base curve, diameter, and replacement

  • The price can be changed from $ or %

  • Microsoft Excel export



  • Enter insurance information and sending insurance claim by E-Claim or 1500 form with ease

  • Check claim status and summary report of insurance payment

  • Track underpay insurance companies for your decision to continue contract with them or not

  • Integrate with Gate Way EDI to verify eligibility and E-Claim to reduce paperwork and data entry.

  • Reduce claim rejections by flagging common errors prior to submission. Get paid easily and quickly.


Ease of Order

When the patient is done with the doctor, the optometric staff can quickly and easily add a patient into the system, order them a pair of eyewear or contact lenses, and take payments all in one screen to save time.

  • Patient information entry

  • Insurance information

  • Automatic patient account number generation based on patient's first name and six (6) digits of the patient’s date of birth

  • Default order date as the date of opened order

  • Service date to track prescription (RX) expiration date

  • Service rendered

  • Include spectacle and contact lens RX special instructions

  • Automatic change of service and contact lens creation based on services rendered and data input

  • Calculate insurance allowance for a multiple product order in one step

  • Allow adjustment and refund for a return

  • Receive payment with multiple forms of payment in one transaction

  • Calculate patient payment and balance separately from insurance payment

  • Order note section

  • Receipt footer section (Note to the patient)

  • Product consultant to track sales and employee performance and/or commission


Trusted Commerce

OD Online is PCI DSS compliant. Through use of OD Online, your practice may also incorporate the Trusted Commerce seal which lets users know that their credit card information is secure. 

  • Increase patient purchase confidence that their information is secure while doing business with your practice

  • Compliance validation serves as an indicator of PCI compliance to your patients, credit card processor, and bank.