Practice Management

If we have multiple offices and want to have access to all the calendars, is that possible?
Yes, this can be set in the level of user permissions.

Is it possible to set it up for multiple providers and locations?
Yes, the monthly subscription includes unlimited users and providers. If you would like multiple locations, we have plans to set up additional offices.

Can inventory be kept for more than one type of item? Not just optical, but other items sold in the office?
Absolutely. All inventory can be set up in the catalog section of the program.

Can a barcode scanner be used to scan in inventory?

Yes. A barcode scanned can be purchased separately and plugged into the system.

Electronic Health Records (EHR)

Can I set default values to “normal” in ROS and then allow individual items to be changed on a case by case basis?
Yes, you can configure default values for ROS. It's similar to the exam form screen but will only have ROS and Visual System/Health Evaluation tabs.

Can you attach scanned PDF files to patient records?
Absolutely. You can attach the PDFs to patient specific files.


Billing and Insurance

Is there a billing service that could be added into OD online?
OD Online comes with an existing billing system that you can use to bill your patients at no additional cost. If you have a specific billing software you would like to use, we could custom integrate it for a fee.

Does OD online bill all vision plans?
We integrate with Trizetto and can bill all the insurances that they have a connection with. Currently they are integrated with more than 3,400 payers and are continually adding more. Here's a list of payers. Some vision plans such as VSP are not integrated with Trizetto, so these will need to have claimed on their website. 

Is there assistance with denied claims?
Yes, you get great support and assistance through Trizetto. There is a very nominal fee for those services and our team can help you set that up. 


Does the optical side of OD Online have the capability to link with our lab to do ordering/ order status updates?
Yes, OD Online can integrate with your lab for orders and status updates. There is a fee for custom integration, otherwise you can enter orders and order status updates manually.

Can we add apps to the software, such as our current patient calling software?
OD Online has built-in tools for patient communication and recall, such as text/email/call reminders directly from the software.


Transitioning and Migration

My practice is already using an EHR/EMR software and all our data is in that system. What is the process for transitioning?
If you are using another software or have paper records that need to be migrated into OD Online, we can help you make that happen in just a few days. For existing software, it's a simple export of patient data into Microsoft Excel, CSV, or CCDA XML formats. For paper files, you have the option of getting it scanned into the system as PDF files or we can help you get this recreated electronically. It's up to you. 

When preparing to go EMR would you recommend us scanning to a certain software/program that is compatible with OD online or waiting until we got the software up and running? Do you think that scanning our charts would be the first step in the transition?
For existing patient charts, we recommend waiting until you get OD Online up and running. From there our team can walk through the steps with you to scan the patient files (charts) and upload them to the appropriate patient folder in the system. For exam form charts, those are already built into the system so the doctor will just need to fill in the proper boxes and then OD Online will generate an exam report or a referral for the patient.



What is the cost of running OD online with multiple offices?
With the "Premium Package", you get everything OD Online offers (EHR & PM) for up to 3 offices. Additional locations can be added on for $200. See more pricing information here



How much help is provided to the office during the transition period?
As much as you need in addition to the training we will provide at the beginning. You'll also continue to have access to our support team after the transition period is over.


Security and Permissions

Can we specify what different staff members have access to based on their job position?
Yes. Within the program you can specify which level of access each staff member can have.

Do all staff members get separate log ins and is it possible to track their actions?
Yes, staff members get separate log ins. For tracking go to Report > Activity Log.


Compatibility and Accessibility

What browsers is OD online compatible with? Also, what computer software?
OD Online is compatible with all of the latest browsers from Google Chrome to Safari and devices. For more specific information, click here. OD Online is web-based, so it'll run on any computer software as long as your office has an internet connection. 

Is the software server or portal based? Can it be accessed and worked on outside of the office?
OD Online is cloud-based so you can access anywhere there is internet.

Is the tablet/iPad version fully functioning with the same features as the desktop version?