Become an Expert

Clients expect partners to be experts with Practice Management (PM) and Electronic Health Records (EHR) systems. Be ready to help your clients make the transition with OD Online Reseller Agent Program. 

Resources for success

Your clients may lack the time, staff, or expertise to embrace a new PM or EHR system. OD Online Reseller Agents gain access to a robust set of resources to help with their customers - from training to channel support. 

growing opportunities

There are thousands of optical practices in need of solutions to better manage patient information and business.  Join a growing community of cutting-edge partners helping businesses make the transition to OD Online. 


Increase profitability

Reseller agents receive a discount on the list price for OD Online products. Increase profitability by growing your client base and enjoy the benefit of recurring revenues. 

Manage the entire relationship

OD Online Reseller Agents manage all aspects of the client relationship, including support, and communications. This flexibility enables partners to cleanly package an entire experience together for your customers. 

Benefit from recurring revenues

The recurring, long-term revenue streams from OD Online products can provide predictability and stability for future earnings.


OD Online is a rapidly growing company whose partners help enhance patient care by providing solutions to support and give eyecare practices a competitive advantage. Achieve your business goals and grow a recurring revenue stream.