Get The Most Out of Your Electronic Health Records (EHR) System

EHR is here, and as many eye care providers are discovering, electronic health records offer powerful solutions to maintaining paper charts. However, it can be said that learning a new way of record keeping is not the most thrilling way to spend a day. We understand that too. In light of this we offer a few ways that you can begin to get the most out of your EHR system.


Do You Need A Formal Introduction?

You probably don't, but it depends on your optometry's preference. In addition to the initial onboarding process is designed to cater to your office's specific needs, the OD Online team is available to provide additional support at no additional cost. OD Online's EHR System offers four key areas that work together to help you manage your practice:

  • Appointment Calendar
  • Exam Form
  • Billing
  • Insurance Claims

It starts with the Appointment Calendar, which integrates with Exam Form and Billing System, streamlining the process for Insurance Claims.


What OD Online’s EHR System Does for You: 

  • Helps get more clients into your office
  • Allows you to standardize forms for individual patients
  • Helps your front office increase billing accuracy
  • Reduces claim rejection. 

However, it only does all of these things if you use it. The best way to become familiar with how the OD works is to use it all the time. Let's look closer at some of these features.


A Peak at the Power of the Exam Form

The OD Online’s Exam Form brings you data in an integrated, easy to navigate platform that can be accessed from your tablet or computer. When the optometrist accesses the exam form, they will find it pre-populated with the patient's information and medical history. With the information they need conveniently at their fingertips, it makes the exam process a snap. How powerful is that? The exam form is available to you while you fill out the exam form. That is just part of what this system can do for you.

Upon completion of the exam, the next appointment can be scheduled immediately through the integrated calendar that helps with patient retention rate. Beyond scheduling features, it sends data back to the referring doctor so that everyone involved in the patient's care has the most relevant data possible.


Have you tried the exam form feature yet? If not, dive in and discover how much easier this process can become for you, your patients, and your practice. Click here to schedule a free demo and experience a more streamlined EHR system that works with your practice.