OD Online + Frames Data Integration Featured on VMail Technology

OD Online is proud to announce integration with Frames Data to provide customers with the most up-to-date frame inventory information for over 600 brands. Read about our announcement in VMail Technology below:

VMail Technology

"Frames Data has completed an integration with OD Online, an EHR and PM software provider based in Houston, Texas. With this integration, users of OD Online who subscribe to Frames Data IDA (Immediate Data Access) will now have access to information on thousands of frames directly from within their practice management software.

"This integration with OD Online is the first to be using our new and improved REST (Representational State Transfer) web service interface," said Tom Doyle, director of marketing and key accounts at Frames Data. "Web services in general are the wave of the future and it's how we want to be providing data going forward. And now our new, upgraded web service allows for an even faster response time and increased overall performance."

When using OD Online with a Frames Data IDA subscription, users will be able to access detailed frame information such as UPC codes, sizes, colors, and pricing. All this data is delivered via a web service that is updated daily.

"Daily updates enable eyecare professionals to add new frames into their inventory as soon as they like," Doyle added. "They won't need to wait for a new disc or download to come, which can sometimes take a few weeks to deliver."

An additional benefit is the automated updates feature, a requirement for all new Frames Data integrations. Automated updates allow users to check for changes to frames already in their inventory and have the changes made programmatically, without having to manually type them.

"Having changes to frames made by the software, rather than having to type them in, is a huge improvement," said Doyle."Frame information is constantly updating.This is a painless way to stay on top of the changes, without spending hours on database upkeep."

Joseph Nguyen of OD Online said the integration steps up the way inventory can be managed from within the software. "Keeping frame information as up-to-date as possible, especially pricing, is vital to eyecare professionals. We understand this and made it so our software can deliver accurate data as quickly and as efficiently as possible through an easy-to-use interface."


Keep your inventory updated with the help of OD Online + Frames Data.